Disinfected Vacuum System

Project Design and Installation

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Service Details

We are providing installation and engineering services for ROYFEKT brand disinfected vacuum systems, which is a patented product of our solution partner ROYAL Hastane Donanımları.

As in our other fields of operation, we are utilizing HTM 2020 Supplement 1 and HTM 02-01 Standards for the calculations and project design of these systems that are to be used in dentistry faculties, oral and dental health centers and clinics.

We have carried out many projects under the leadership of our technical staff of engineers and through the technologies developing together with the standards.

  • Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Tank
  • Stainless/Galvanized Waste Tank
  • Automation Control Panel
  • Amalgam Filter and Separator
  • Automatic Control Components
  • H2o2/O3 Disinfectant
  • PPRC Pipe Installation