Medical Gas Installation

Project Design and Installation

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Service Details

The Company offers turnkey projects with its technical staff of specialized engineers. The Company is registered in the Product Tracking System, which has been made obligatory through the General Communique of the Ministry of Health, and fulfills its responsibility by making acquisition and submittal notifications for the products that it purchased and sold over its distributorships according to the hospitals’ requests.

The Company completes the installation of gas sockets, which enable degassing at the final point of units such as patient bedside, intensive care unit and pendants, that are preferred according to the purpose, by arriving to the floor control units in which the pressure of the medical gas is controlled for the floors and the medical copper pipe installation that follows the installation of the medical gas supply sources, and the medical gas installations according to the ISO 7396 and HTM 02-01 Standards.

The Company also delivers its works by performing the tests according to the requirements of ISO 7396 and HTM 02-01 Standards during the delivery phase of medical gas installations.

  • Oxygen Plant
  • Nitrous Oxide Plant
  • Carbon Dioxide Plant
  • Pure Nitrogen Plant
  • Mixed Gas Plant
  • Medical and Surgical Air Plant
  • Medical Vacuum Plant
  • Anesthetic Gas Discharge Plant
  • Patient Bedside Units
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Operating Room Pendants
  • Wall Modules
  • Regional Control and Alarm Units
  • Gas Sockets
  • Medical Copper Pipe Installation
  • Medical Degassing Accessories (Flowmeter, Regulators and Poplar)